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Why the Number 05
In 1975 Peter Brock was no longer in the Holden Dealer Team and was driving a rather low budget privateer Torana L34 for mates Norm Gown and Bruce Hindhaugh.  Things were rather tough financially but an opportunity presented itself for Brock in an area that he felt passionately about.  That was road safety and driver training. 

Early in 1975, Brock was engaged by the Victoria Road Safety and Traffic Authority to promote various road safety messages.  It was the intention of the Authority to exploit Peter’s near hero status with the younger generation of drivers to instil safe driving techniques and more importantly attitude. 

Who can remember the front fenders of Brock’s yellow L34 Torana and the words, “Class Driving, attitude – fitness – car – road”?  These few words would form the important message for Brock’s students. 

Brock conducted road safety workshops, lectures, and information seminars and was the subject of an extensive TV and magazine safety campaigns.  Peter also carried out a very successful “Class Driving” series in which he was able to reach many thousands of young people.  He concentrated on attitude and behaviours.  Indeed, he provided education about cars and their behaviours under various conditions and types of driving techniques at a time in which there were few driver education programs available. 

Obviously, his adoption of the number 05 was to highlight the Victorian Governments 05 blood alcohol limit to the public   So from 1975, Brock maintained 05 as his car number even when as Australian Touring Car Champion, he was entitled to use the number one. 

Peter Brock also had a long-standing relationship with Melbourne Radio Station 3KY to provide on air comments about motor sport and community based messages about road safety. 

As a means to recognise Peter's significant contribution to Australian motorsport, there was some talk about having the 05 number permanently set-aside or reserved, much like what NASCAR did with the number 43 for King Richard Petty. While this unfortunately did not happen, it’s unlikely anyone could honour this number 05 as well as Peter did.  

Brock’s fantastic records are certainly unlikely to be broken for some time to come if ever.  He is, for most Australian’s, the unquestioned King of Touring Car Racing. 

Mr  HDT 
April 2001amended August 2001