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  Peter Brock represented a shining example that people can achieve their dreams no matter what their material circumstance and upbringing. There are no barriers except the limitations we place on ourselves. He grew up in a small country town with no special benefits and proceeded to live his dreams.

He represented purity of spirit; people said he glowed. I saw this over and over. I believe this came from his angelic nature.

His intentions were pure. He always wished looked for the best for others, even when treated unfairly or harshly.

He possessed the ability to inspire trust; this is a mark of true leadership. Throughout his career he was surrounded by extraordinary loyalty and commitment. Many of you in this gathering will understand what I mean.

He inspired the faith that we can deal with and overcome adversity; he was never daunted by the obstacles which confronted him.

He reminded us that that no person is more important than another, the little child, the disabled, the disenfranchised, the business and political leader, all stood as one in Peter’s eyes, and he gave them his gift of love in equal measure.

His gift of communication was extraordinary. Who else can inspire, an Olympic athlete, an addict, an anger-filled teenager, a racing car driver, an artist, a cricketer or a 6 yo child to peddle a bicycle over this last steep hill. When the Peter Brock Foundation conducted a community bicycle ride to promote the construction of a safe and beautiful nature trail, he cycled last, encouraging the little ones to finish. Those children from Hurstbridge Primary School wept when they heard of his passing. Somehow he was able to see inside them all and offer them the encouragement to believe in themselves.

He did not believe in bandaids, he believed in providing the tools for the individual to cope, overcome and move on.

An old friend sent me this reading from the Bhagavad Gita

“Who can slay the immortal spirit?

Finite bodies have an end, but that which possesses the body is infinite, illimitable, eternal, and indestructible.”

Thank you for your support and I pray that all of us will work to bring his vision into reality. A better world.

Lewis Brock